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Does A Yeast Infection Go Away When You Have Your Period

A women, Geena ( not her real name ), has sent in an email asking, “Does a yeast infection go away when you have your period?”

Very mild yeast infections

Having your period will affect your yeast infection differently to other women depending on the main cause of your your yeast infection in the first place. If you are suffering from a very mild yeast infection you have a good chance that your symptoms will disappear during your period.

Your vaginas PH balance

The reason that your symptoms will be eliminated are your period changes the PH balance in your vagina to a level that the Candida yeast doesn’t like. If you’re a very healthy person you have a very small percentage chance that your yeast infection won’t return, but relying on your period isn’t a good idea for a way to cure your yeast infection.

The faster the yeast infection is cured, either with a natural cure or an over the counter cream the better off you will be.

Your hormones

If your hormonal imbalances are the reason for your yeast infection then at the time of your period you will probably suffer even worse symptoms. Many women only get a yeast infection at the time of their period because of their hormones changing at that time of the month. In this instant you probably won’t get any relief from your yeast infection during your period.

Get the right information fast

There are many sources of excellent information on yeast infections on the internet, and avoiding the poor information will save you money and time. The Candida yeast is a bacterial infection that can ruin your health internally, and the faster you rid your body from this bacteria the better you will feel.

The information below goes far beyond just curing your yeast infection, they will help you get your health in better shape than it was before you started suffering from your symptoms.

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