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Does An Over The Counter Medication Cure All Yeast Infections

Someone has asked, does an over the counter medication cure all yeast infections? The drug manufacturers and doctors would lead you to believe that these over the counter medications can cure every yeast infection, but this is not always the way to cure a yeast infection.

When over the counters don’t work

The most common reason an over the counter medication won’t cure your yeast infection is, the cause of your infection isn’t in your vagina. If the cause of your infection is in your intestines then you need more than an over the counter cure. The over the counter cure will only be curing your symptoms, and you need to attack the yeast infection at the root cause to cure yourself.

Underlying illness

An underlying illness could be the cause of your yeast infections. It’s important to get a diagnosis off of your doctor to make sure there are no underlying health causes of your yeast infections.

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Resistant Candida yeast

Another reason why over the counter medications will no longer work is the Candida yeast they are being used on have become resistant. This happens mostly to women who will use a medication and don’t finish the course because their symptoms have stopped before the actual yeast infection was cured. This means that the Candida that have survived will build a resistance as the Candida yeast is able to easily adjust to its surroundings.

Intestinal yeast infections

Over the counter medications won’t cure your intestinal yeast infection. Any anti fungal oral medication that is used to cure your intestinal yeast infection will only make it worse. Oral anti fungals kill all of the bacteria in your system so it also kills the friendly bacteria that you have to protect you against further infections.

Over the counter yeast infection medications are what almost all women will use first to cure their yeast infection. But if this doesn’t work then you need to visit your doctor so he/she can test you for any illnesses that can be causing your infections, and to test you so you definitely have a yeast infection.

If you’re suffering from chronic yeast infections, then to keep on using an over the counter will only make the yeast resistant to the medication. It’s then time to cure yourself naturally, and cure yourself from the cause.

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