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Does Diflucan Prevent Yeast Infections

Does Diflucan prevent yeast infections? Diflucan is a powerful, oral anti fungal drug that is used to treat yeast infections. If you attempt to use this anti fungal drug when you don’t have an infection you will end up creating a drug resistant yeast infection.

Mutating yeast

A yeast infection is caused by the Candia yeast mutating into a fungus. This Candia yeast is living in your body all the time. Your body’s natural defenses keep it under control and prevent from mutating.

If you use Fluconazole ( Diflucan ) when you don’t have a yeast infection you’ll force the Candida to mutate. It will do this as a self defense because all yeasts, fungi and bacteria do this when you try and kill them with a drug.

Drug resistant yeast infection

Because the Fluconazole has caused the Candida to mutate then it will be no good when you use it to then kill the fungus. All that will happen is you’ll make the fungus stronger.

Diflucan is a drug that should only ever be used when you have been diagnosed by a doctor. Guessing you have a yeast infection can put your health in a lot of trouble that will take a long time to get yourself out of.

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