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Do Yeast infections Cause Urinary Tract Infections

“Do yeast infections cause urinary tract infections?

This is a question usually asked by women who…

  • Aren’t sure of what bacterial infection they really have
  • Who don’t know the cause of their infection
  • Or who’s body’s are in such bad condition they are open to more than one bacterial infection

Yeast infections and urinary tract infections are caused by two different strains of bacteria so one infection will not cause the other infection.

The symptoms are similar

The symptoms can be similar to a point where both infections can cause pain when you urinate. If you are at any point unsure as to which infection you have it’s advised you see your doctor for a correct diagnosis. Once you have your diagnosis you can treat the infection how you want to. But there’s no point in treating an infection you don’t have.

Can you have both infections

If your body’s natural defenses are weakened then you can have both a yeast infection and a urinary tract infection. Your immune system needs to be strong all the time, and if it is weak you can start suffering from any type of infection.

If your body’s natural bacterial balance has been ruined by a very poor diet or antibiotic use then you can start suffering from multiple bacterial infections.


If you have been correctly diagnosed as having both infections than something isn’t right. If the doctor has checked you over for any immune system suppressing illnesses, and everything seems OK then your body’s natural defenses need to be strengthened.

You can easily get your body’s natural flora back to normal, and strenthen your immune system with the right natural products. Once your body’s natural flora is corrected, and the cell damage has been reversed in your body, you will not only cure your infections, but you will feel much healthier as well.

Two natural products that will cure your yeast infections and your urinary tract infection are…

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Get well soon.

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