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Headsup About Monistat Coupons

There are many women who come to this blog looking for monistat coupons. For more information on where to get them you can find that at our monistat coupons page.

How many are you using

The coupons are only usually worth $3 so to search the internet for one $3 coupon will not save you much in the long run. If you’re looking for more coupons because you are continually using monistat on a regular basis due to recurrent yeast infections, then something needs attention with your health.

See your doctor

If you have used more than one coupon which means you have used more than one course of monistat then you really need to see your doctor. Many women will suffer in silence because the monistat makes them forget about their yeast infection, and they can get on with their life without the itching and soreness.

Seeing your doctor will rule out any serious illness that you might have. Illnesses such as HIV/AIDS can cause recurrent yeast infections because these illnesses cause your immune system to get very weak. It’s best to see your doctor so he or she can rule out any illness you may have.

Intestinal yeast infections

If you have an intestinal yeast infection then this will just get worse while your masking the symptoms with your continual use of monistat. The yeast in your vagina will also get resistant to the monistat and it will eventually stop working, and then you will need something a lot stronger from your doctor to cure yourself.

If it’s your first treatment

If you’re trying to get hold of a coupon for just one tube then you have nothing to worry about. You can usually get them in a pack of about 20 for a couple of dollars so when you use your coupon you can then sell the rest on, and get you money back.

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