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Home Remedy For Chronic Yeast Infections

A home remedy for chronic yeast infections is an affordable way to rebuild the health of your vagina. The constant abuse of anti fungal yeast infection creams is now part of the problem of recurrent vaginal yeast infections. The chemical and bacterial balance in your vagina has been destroyed, and you need to reverse the damage to rebuild the balance and put an end to your infections.

Natural live yogurt

A natural live yogurt is by far the best way to naturally cure a vaginal yeast infection. It has one massive benefit over using an expensive over the counter anti fungal yeast cream, and that is…

No resistance buit up by yeast

The yeast in your vagina can’t build up a resistance to the yogurt because the bacteria in the yogurt already naturally live inside every women’s vagina. These bacteria are important for the good health of your vagina, and nature has put them there for you. The reason you have a yeast infection is because the Candida yeast has mutated into a fungus, and has completely wiped out your colony of friendly vaginal bacteria.

The yogurt will repopulate your vagina with friendly bacteria in a healthy way that causes no resistance.

It’s easy to do

Your home remedy for chronic yeast infections is easy to do, and will give you some relief in a short while. All you need to do is dip a tampon in some live, natural, sugar free yogurt then insert the tampon as you would normally. Leave the tampon in for a couple of hours, and then remove it. Leaving it in for too long can make your vagina sore, and your symptoms will get worse. You just need to do this a couple of times a day until your vaginal yeast infection is gone.

It’s important that the yogurt is live, and is sugar free. If the yogurt contains sugar you will feed the yeast, and then your infection could get worse.

If it doesn’t work

If this home remedy doesn’t work on your recurrent yeast infections, and nothing has worked yet, you should see your doctor. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you have any underlying health condition that can be causing your yeast infections. For some women this is also the time when they find out they don’t actually have a yeast infection because their self dignosis was wrong.

If you don’t have any underlying health conditions, you do have a yeast infection, and the doctor thinks you have good overall health then your body probably will need a Candida cleanse. When the Candida yeast has mutated into a fungus it can’t infect practically any part of your body. After the vagina the intestines are the next most common place in the human body that the mutated Candida yeast loves to populate.

Intestinal yeast infections

Intestinal yeast infections are quite difficult to treat. It’s not the same as a vaginal yeast infection where you can just kill the yeast with a cream, and then you’ll get better. Intestinal yeast infections need to be treated from many angles, and an anti Candida protocol is needed. You will need to…

  • Starve the yeast with the correct diet
  • Kill the yeast with natural anti fungals
  • Strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet
  • Re-balance your intestinal flora with probiotics

Most intestinal yeast infection sufferers fail to rid their body of yeast because they make mistakes in their treatment. One mistake can put your progress back weeks because everything has to work together for your treatment to be successful. If you’re eating a certain food that feeds the yeast you will never be able to eliminate it from your body, or if you’re taking a medication that is weakening your immune system then the yeast will always re-infect you.

Sarah Summer

Sarah Summer is a one-time chronic yeast infection sufferers who has eliminated the yeast from tens of thousands of sufferers with her knowledge. Sarah knows everything about the Candida Albicans yeast which is why she is so good at eliminating it from your body.

You can read more information about Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections here.

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