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How Can A Yeast Infection Get Worse?

“How can a yeast infection get worse?” That is a common question that we see come up from time to time. Many women suffer from recurrent yeast infections that get progressively worse. 5% of women unfortunately will suffer from recurrent yeast infections, which is a lot of women, millions of women.

The yeast infection isn’t being treated correctly

Thousands of women probably every day purchase their anti fungal cream, and start treating their vaginal yeast infection. For a high percentage of these women the yeast infection will be cured after one treatment. For the 5% of women that the treatment doesn’t work for, their yeast infection will probably get worse.

The reason it will get worse is they’re not treating the root cause of the yeast infection. They are performing, what is know as the band aid effect. They’re only treating the symptoms of their yeast infection. The cause of the yeast infection is something else.

The cause of the yeast infection might be an illness like diabetes. If this is the case then a check up at the doctors will confirm this. A doctors check up is highly recommended if your yeast infection doesn’t get cured after just one treatment.


Another cause of a recurrent yeast infection that gets worse is the Candida yeast is coming from your intestines. A yeast infection of the digestive tract is commonly known as candidiasis, and when you suffer from this type of yeast infection it is inevitable that you’ll suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

When you cure your vaginal yeast infection the yeast in your intestines makes it’s way naturally back into your vagina as soon as the treatment stops. The only way to cure your self from candidiasis is to start an anti Candida protocol. This will involve taking oral anti fungals to kill the Candida, and taking a good quality probiotic like Threelac to repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria. This will get your intestinal flora back to how it should be, and then your good health will follow.

I once suffered with my yeast infections getting worse, my doctor could no longer help me, and I turned to the internet for help. My research along with my husbands help gave me the knowledge to cure myself naturally and create our Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally ebook.

If you’re someone who is suffering from recurrent yeast infections, that are getting worse I hope you get your health back soon. Sometimes it seems as if you won’t, but it will happen.

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