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How Can I Tell If Threelac Is Working

We’ve been very busy lately, and getting out and enjoying the sun. That’s why the blog hasn’t been updated for a few days, or it only feels like a few days.

A lady contacted us asking “How do I know if Threelac is working?”

Threelac die off

One way you will tell if Threelac is working is the Threelac die off period. This is the time where your symptoms of your yeast infection will appear to be getting worse. This is due to the toxins you now have running through your body from the dead Candida yeast.

Many people think that the Threelac is just making them worse when this happens but 99% of the time this is not the case. On the very rare occasions some people might be allergic to the yeast that is in the Threelac. This is put into Threelac to supply the friendly bacteria with food on their way down to your intestines.

You just start to feel better

IF you don’t have any die off symptoms you will just start to feel better. You should notice a difference in your health after 2 to 4 weeks. Your energy levels will rise, your concentration will improve, and if you suffer from mood swings these should start to go as well.

Even healthy people without a yeast infection will start to feel the benefits of Threelac. Beneficial bacteria play an important role in everyone’s health, and yeast infections are not always the only sign that your intestinal flora is a little bit out of sync. Energy levels, your general well being and your moods are a good sign that something in your body can be improved.

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