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How Long After Taking Antibiotics Do You Get A Yeast Infection

I’ve been asked a few times lately, “How long after taking antibiotics do you get a yeast infection?” This will be a different amount of time for every individual. And I’ll also ask, why wait to find out?


I’ll recommend to anyone who has just finished a course of antibiotics to start taking a good quality probiotic like Threelac straight away. Not only does this help prevent a yeast infection but keeps your intestinal health as good as it was before the antibiotics were taken.

Not everyone will get a yeast infection

Not everyone who takes a course of antibiotics will get a yeast infection, but the antibiotics will make changes to your body’s natural bacterial balance. The beneficial bacteria in your intestines and bowel is also killed off as well as the bacteria that you were taking the antibiotics for. Your body needs these beneficial bacteria to keep your immune system as strong as it should be.

The beneficial bacteria also help you…

  • Digest your food
  • Absorb more nutrients from your food
  • And keep the walls of your intestines clean

So although a lot of people don’t get a yeast infection after a course of antibiotics their health can suffer in other ways. Most of the symptoms people just put down to getting older, like their energy slowly fading or their skin not glowing as it once did.

Beneficial bacteria is becoming more recognized as a part of a healthy diet. That’s why you see more and more live yogurts and live health drinks available in shop fridges.

With a good quality probiotic like Threelac the bacteria present are a very hard strain that survive your digestive process, and get into your bowel where they are needed most.


Many people never know exactly what antibiotics do to their system internally, and by writing blog posts like this one I hope to save many women and men from getting yeast infections/candidiasis.

Your intestinal health is so important to your overall health that together we can become a lot more healthier with more of this information freely available.

So I go back now to my answer, and that is don’t wait, or wonder how long it will be to get a yeast infection after taking antibiotics. You can do something to prevent it happening, and improve your overall health at the same time.

Stay healthy, and take your probiotics.

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