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How Long After Using Monistat Will My Yeast Infection Clear Up

How long after using Monistat will my yeast infection clear up? This is a question from a lady who is either now going to suffer from recurrent yeast infections, or doesn’t have a yeast infection.

Get a doctors diagnosis of your yeast infection first

Because OTC vaginal creams are so easily available now, many women go and buy one before getting their doctors diagnosis of what vaginal infection they have. Before you apply any kind of OTC treatment to your vagina it’s important you see your doctor first. An OTC yeast infection cream will mask the symptoms of other, more serious vaginal infections.

Recurrent yeast infections

Recurrent/chronic yeast infections are on the increase because of the misuse of anti fungal OTC’s. These vaginal creams are creating resistant Candida yeast that is becoming more difficult to kill. Just contnually using an OTC if the one before didn’t work will only make your yeast infection worse.

How long should an anti fungal cream take to clear your yeast infection

If you do decide to use an OTC anti fungal treatment to cure your yeast infection then it should only take a few days. But if you’re taking a 7 day treatment you must finish the course of treatment even when you stop experiencing the symptoms of your yeast infection.

This is the same with any anti fungal cream or oral medicine. If you don’t finish the course of treatment you have a greater risk of creating a resistant fungus in your vagina, or anywhere in your body.

If the OTC doesn’t work

If your OTC yeast infection treatment hasn’t cured your yeast infection after a week then you must go back and see your doctor. Your doctor can test you for any underlying illness that could be causing the reoccurrence of your yeast infection.

A natural yeast infection cure you can try

If you don’t want to try an OTC yeast infection cure then there’s a cheap natural yeast infection cure you can use. Dip a tampon in a natural, live, sugar free then insert the tampon as you normally would. Leave it in for a couple of hours then remove.

You can do this a couple of times a day until you feel relief. Unlike an OTC treatment the Candida can’t build resistance to the yogurt because the bacteria in the yogurt live naturally in your vagina. The yogurt won’t upset the bacterial and chemical balance of your vagina like an OTC yeast infection treatment can.

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