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How Long Can You Safely Take Diflucan For

If you’re asking the question, “How long can I safely take diflucan for? then you probably haven’t spoken to your doctor yet. Diflucan is a powerful anti fungal drug that should only be taken under the guidance of your doctor. Although diflucan can easily be purchased online it doesn’t make it a safe drug that can be taken when you feel you need to take it.

Size of the dosage

Diflucan comes in different strengths, and the course of treatment needs to set by your doctor. If you take the wrong strength for the incorrect amount of time then you can easily create a super fungus in your body that will become difficult to remove.

The Candida yeast mutates into an aggressive fungus, and in this form it can become resistant to anti fungal drugs if they are not taken properly. If the drugs are taken for a too short period of time then the fungus won’t be fully killed, and then the surviving fungus will become resistant.

Resistant yeast

Once the Candida yeast becomes resistant it will be almost impossible to treat with any drugs. The yeast will completely take over your body, and your body’s friendly bacteria won’t be able to keep it under control.

This is the point when doctors can no longer help you as no drugs will be able to treat you. They will only make your infection worse, and make the Candida stronger.

One course should be enough

One course as directed by your doctor should be enough to cure your yeast infection. If it doesn’t then there is a reason that your body is allowing the harmless Candida mutate into a fungus. Until you discover the reason you won’t be able to cure yourself. If you’re seeing your doctor then he/she can rule out any causes such as a health issue or another medication you’re taking.

Other causes of chronic yeast infections are poor diet and a weakened immune system. A poor diet that lacks nutrition and is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates will feed the yeast. And a weak immune system will allow the yeast to take over your body without being able to put up a fight.

See your doctor always

If you’re thinking about taking diflucan or have been taking it unsupervised it’s important you see your doctor. Only a doctor knows what strength to take and for how long.

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