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How Long Do Yeast Infection Symptoms Last

A regular question from yeast infection sufferers is, “How long do yeast infection symptoms last?” This is a question asked by ( mainly ) women that fall into two categories.

The first category is women who after applying treatment for more than a few days are still not finding any relief ( more on that below ). And you have the second category of yeast infection sufferers who want to know how long their symptoms will last without applying any treatment. For the sufferers who belong in the second group of people, your yeast infection will last forever, as fungus spreads when it’s left to do what it wants to do.

See your doctor first

If you want to successfully cure their yeast infection you must see your doctor first because it’s the only way to get a correct diagnosis. Many women are wondering why their yeast infection isn’t clearing, and they don’t even have a yeast infection, they have another vaginal bacterial infection. This type of wrong self diagnosis can lead to permanent damage to your reproductive organs if the real infection isn’t treated as soon as possible.

If you are applying treatment that isn’t working

If you are applying treatment, and you’re still suffering from your yeast infection symptoms, or your symptoms are worse there are a couple of reason for this.

One reason your symptoms are not going, or they are worse is you could be allergic to the active ingredient in the anti fungal cream. One side effect is burning which can be more intense than the burning that is associated with some yeast infections.

Another reason is the yeast has become resistant to your medication, and your continual applying of the treatment to cure yourself is making the infection worse. The yeast will continue to mutate into a stronger fungus that easily fights of your treatment.

Intestinal yeast infection

An intestinal yeast infection will prevent you from curing your symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection because your body is now a host for the mutated Candida yeast. As soon as you stop your treatment the yeast that is present in your body will just repopulate your vagina when you stop applying the treatment.

You will now have to treat your yeast infection from within your body to successfully cure the yeast infection in your vagina.

Health condition

A health condition can cause your yeast infection symptoms to become persistent. If your have been to your doctor already about your symptoms not going, you should have already have been checked over for any health problems that could be contributing to your symptoms. Diabetes is one health condition that can give you persistent yeast infection symptoms.

What you can do for yourself

There are many yeast infection cures available to you on the internet. To cut down your searching there are two very different, successful ways to cure your yeast infection from within.

Candidate is a herbal yeast infection cure that will cure intestinal Candida overgrowth and give your body everything it needs to fight off the infection naturally. There’s a lot more information, and customer testimonials on Candidate herbal yeast infection cure here.

Another natural yeast infection cure that is by far the best selling on the internet is Sarah Summer’s ebook titled Natural Cure For Yeast Infection. Sarah has fully researched the Candida Albicans yeast, and has put everything she knows into an easy to read ebook that will show you how to get relief from your yeast infection with a day.

Sarah also teaches you how you can easily…

  • Starve the yeast
  • Kill the yeast
  • Repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • And much more

Sarah knows everything about the mutated yeast that attacks your body’s cells. There’s much more information on Sarah Summer’s natural yeast cure here.

Whichever method you choose to cure you yeast infection symptoms I hope it gives you the relief you deserve. And no one deserves to suffer any longer than necessary.

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