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How Long Does It Take To Cure A Yeast Infection

Many women asked the question, “How long does it take to cure a yeast infection?”

The answer to this question is, it’s different length of time for everyone. I’ll explain.

Your yeast infection symptoms

The severity of the symptoms will determine how long a vaginal yeast infection will take to clear. Some women have mild yeast infections, and will cure their yeast infection within a few days. If you are one of these women and are using a treatment that is suppose to last for a week then it’s important that you still finish the course of treatment.

A warning

Sometimes your yeast infection will clear after a few days, and your symptoms can also disappear before the actual infection has. Stopping your treatment before the actual infection is cleared can make things worse. If you don’t finish your treatment and the infection returns then the yeast that re-infects you will start to get resistant to your medication.

Intestinal yeast infection

If you’re suffering from an intestinal yeast infection/candidiasis then your vaginal yeast infection is going to become recurrent because the infection in your intestines will continually repopulate your vagina. In this case, curing your vaginal yeast infection will be ongoing until you have your intestinal yeast infection under control.

Curing your intestinal yeast infection is going to take a lot longer than a week. In rare, extreme cases, some women can take over a year to cure themselves. This is because the toxins from the mutated Candida yeast have attacked their for a long period of time before they realized their symptoms were caused by the Candida yeast.

An intestinal yeast infection can be cured within a few months depending on how strict you are with your anti Candida protocol. Some women weaken, and will have the odd sweet thing here and there, and this can put your progress back days, sometimes even weeks.

It won’t be an overnight thing

Whatever yeast infection you have you won’t cure yourself overnight with any treatment. Your symptoms can disappear within a day but the infection will still be there. And if you’re using an over the counter anti fungal drug please remember to finish the course. If you still have your yeast infection after the course has finished go straight back to your doctor before you purchase another treatment. A health problem can be the reason your yeast infection has returned, and your doctor can rule anything out.

Some women want to know how long it takes to cure a yeast infection because they’ve been trying to cure their yeast infection for more than a week. This is usually a sign that something isn’t right, and is the reason it’s important to see your doctor if one course of treatment hasn’t worked.

What you can do to cure your yeast infection quickly and efficiently

If you’re not having much success with the treatment you’re currently using then you have probably realized that there is an underlying cause as to why your yeast infection isn’t being cured quickly enough.

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