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How Long It Takes For Probiotics To Start Working

How long for probiotics to start working? This question is usually asked by someone who is trying to cure a yeast infection with cheap probiotics they’ve purchased from their local health food store. These can take forever to treat anything as they are not any good at all. Most of teh bacteria in teh supplement are dead before they even get on teh shelf.

Not all probiotics are the same

To answer the question – this depends on what type of probiotics you’re taking. Not all probiotics are the same, and some are even useless. Knowing what probiotic to take is the key to clearing your yeast infection as fast as possible, and a good probiotic will help to keep it away.

Your stomach acid

You need a probiotic that can survive the journey through your stomach acid. This is where over 90% of probiotics die. Eating a live natural yogurt will probably get more bacteria into your intestines than most probiotics you get in capsule form. The bacteria in a live yogurt though will only survive for a few days in your intestines as these bacteria aren’t very strong. They continually need to be repopulated.


If you’re going to go with a capsule you’ll need one that is designed to survive the journey past your stomach acid. The bacteria needs to be protected so it makes its way to where you need it to start working for you. If you’re using a cheap probiotic that dies in your stomach then it’s not getting to your intestines where you need it to start fighting off the yeast and fungus. You also want a probiotic that gives you billions of live bacteria per capsule, and you need to see the number on the label of the supplement.


Probably the only probiotic you will ever see me recommend is ImmunoXcell. This probiotic has been created by a company that specializes in homeopathic remedies, and they know exactly what the human body needs to stay healthy. This probiotic has 10 billion live bacteria per serving that survive the journey past your stomach acid, and that’s just what you need if you’re trying to cure a yeast infection with probiotics on their own.

How long for probiotics to start working

The time it actually takes the probiotics to start working will be different for everyone. It will depend on how bad your fungal overgrowth is, and it will also depend on how much you continue to feed the fungus with a poor diet. They’re going to take longer to work if you keep on eating sugar as sugar feeds fungus, and you’re not going to cure an infection if your keep on encouraging it to get stronger.

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