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How Often Can You Use Monistat

How often can you use Monistat? You should only need to use a yeast infection cream for one course of treatment. These creams aren’t supposed to be used regularly, and you shouldn’t need to use them regularly.

Resistant Candida

If you use anti fungal creams on a regular basis you will create a yeast infection in your vagina that is resistant to the cream you’re using. If this happens then you’ll need to start using oral anti fungal drugs like Diflucan. If you’re getting yeast infections regularly then your doctor will just keep prescribing these drugs with no thought about what they’re doing to your body.

If you then go on to create resistant yeast with an oral anti fungal drug then your health will definitely suffer. Some women go on to suffer from chronic yeast infections for a very long time before they realize that drugs are no good for yeast infections. It’s only by chance they discover a natural cure for themselves, because their doctor will never recommend one.

Using Monistat

You should only need to use Monistat for one course of treatment. If you need to use it more than once then something is causing your yeast infections that needs to be seen to first. Anti fungal creams only treat the symptoms of a yeast infection, and in no way treat the cause.

All these creams and oral drugs do is kill the yeast. If your body is allowing the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate into a fungus then it won’t matter how many times you kill the fungus it will just keep coming back.

Your body and yeast infections

The human body is quite capable of preventing yeast infections when it is healthy. This is by far the best treatment for any yeast infection, and also prevents the yeast from mutating in your intestines, which a lot of women don’t realize is happening when they have vaginal yeast.

When you get your body back to good health as it can prevent yeast infections your overall health will get a massive benefit from it. You can only get cure and prevent your yeast infections naturally as no drug can do it.

Get well soon.

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