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How To Prevent A Yeast Infection

If you’re asking “How to prevent a yeast infections?” then you’re probably one of the thousands of women who are plagued with recurrent yeast infections at certain times of the month or after a course of antibiotics. Whatever the reason you have from wanting to prevent a yeast infection, you need to stop the Candida yeast that lives in your body all the time, from mutating into an infection causing fungus.

We all have the yeast living in us harmlessly in small numbers. If you’re yeast infection keeps coming back then you need to stop that yeast from multiplying in your body so it is longer able to mutate.

How to prevent a yeast infection after antibiotics

Many women now suffer from a yeast infection after taking a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics cause yeast infections because they kill off friendly bacteria, and it’s friendly bacteria that keep the Candida yeast in your body under control so it stays low in numbers. Once it has been killed off by the antibiotics then the yeast can multiply, and then it mutates and start feeding on your body.

Restoring your natural bacterial balance

To prevent a yeast infection then you need to restore your body’s natural bacterial balance so you’re protected from the multiplying Candida yeast. To restore your friendly bacteria levels you need to take a good quality probiotics supplement as soon as you’ve finished your course of antibiotics. Some women get a yeast infection when their period is on its way or after their period so women in this category can start taking the probiotics when they want to.

You need to take a probiotics that is of high quality so that the bacteria in the supplement id strong enough to survive in the supplement and survive its journey into your intestines. You’ll be able to by cheap probiotics but these usually need refrigeration so they are already dead before you even purchase them

If there are any surviving bacteria in the supplement before you take it then it will die as soon as it touches your stomach acid.

A good quality probiotic is Bowtrol Probiotic, and it will do exactly what you want it to do. And that is get to your intestines where it can get to work keeping the Candida under control and feeding on other organisms that are not good for your health.

If you want to speed up the rate in which the friendly bacteria breeds in your intestines you can take Inuflora Powder with your probiotic supplement. This powder is food for beneficial bacteria, and it will speed up the rate in which your body is protected from the multiplying Candida yeast.

Change your diet

WHen your body is low and the Candida is high you have to make sure you’re not feeding the Candida and the fungus with your own diet. If you eat a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates then you’ll be feeding the Candida and the fungus before you’re able to restore your beneficial bacteria levels.

So while you’re taking your probiotic supplements you need to avoid sugar and any foods that contain it so you can concentrate on restoring your beneficial bacteria levels.

Preventing a yeast infection is easy if you do all of the above, and preventing a yeast infection is a lot easier than treating one. If you’re continually using anti fungal drugs and creams to cure your infection then the fungus will become resistant to these treatments, and your yeast infections will gradually get worse.

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