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How To Survive Yeast Die Off

I was asked yesterday “How to survive yeast die off?” I think this lady was suffering from some heavy Candida die off as she said her die off symptoms were worse than the yeast infection itself.

Why you get Candida die off

Candida die off is caused by the toxins released by the dead Candida yeast getting into your bloodstream. A lot of women naturally assume that their yeast infection/candidiasis is getting worse because of the die off symptoms. These symptoms are a sign that what ever you are doing to kill the Candida is actually killing them.

When die off symptoms are worse

If your yeast infection/candidiasis has been bad then the die off symptoms are not going to be enjoyable. This is because you will have a much higher population of the Candida yeast in your system. And these have already been releasing toxins into your bloodstream. When you start killing these yeast the toxins they release join the toxins from the live Candida, and this causes more toxic related symptoms.

What you can do is take smaller doses of your anti fungals until the symptoms start to get easier to handle. Then you can increase your anti fungals until you reach a full dose.

More fiber and more water

You can also remove the toxins from your body faster as well so they don’t get a chance to enter your bloodstream. A way to do this is eat more fiber and drink more water. This will help your body eliminate the dead Candida from your bowel a lot quicker.

The easiest way to ad more fiber to your diet is by taking psyllium husks. Psyllium husks are a soluble fiber that can absorb 15 times their own weight in water. You can add more detoxing power to your Psyllium husks’ drink with bentonite clay. Bentonite clay acts like a magnet to the toxins in your bowel, and then they are expelled.

Always drink more water during the day when you’re taking psyllium husks. Warm water has a better affect as well. It’s always important to drink more when you add more fiber to your diet as adding fiber only works if you’re drinking more. Drinking more water during the day also helps your body get rid of more toxins through sweat and urination.

You can survive the die off

If you use these tips you will have a much easier time with your die off. You will come out of it feeling much healthier in all aspects of your life.

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