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I Keep Gettting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me?

I Keep Getting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me? If you keep getting yeast infections you’re not suffering alone. 5% of women will suffer from recurrent/chronic yeast infectionsat some time in their life, and most of them don’t know why. And to make matters no better their doctor doesn’t know why either. The light at the end of the tunnel is, when you have found the reason for your recurrent yeast infections you can put a stop to your infections for good.

Your attempts at treatment

It’s safe to say you’re in the position now where you’re forever attempting to cure your chronic yeast infections with an over the counter treatment hoping that the next one you purchase will be the one that heals you. You could even be taking oral anti fungals by now thinking that if you kill the yeast from the inside you’re going to have a successful treatment.

Why they’re not working

All of these cures are contributing to your recurrent yeast infections because neither of them are aimed at the reason for your Canddia overgrowth. They all aim for the symptoms, and while they’re only curing the symptoms the real reason for your Candida infection is going untreated. Every time your infection returns after treatment it comes back stronger because it is mutating so it becomes resistant to your medication.

See your doctor

If you’ve been to see your doctor and he/she has confirmed that you have no underlying health issue then your recurrent yeast infections are caused by something else. This can be a prescription medicine you’re currently taking or have used before. Now the Candida yeast has mutated it is just getting stronger and completely out of control. Your body will now require help in killing off the Candida fungus by starting a strict anti Candida protocol.

Get the correct information

With the correct information you can successfully put an end to your recurrent yeast infections. There is no reason why you should be suffering from chronic yeast overgrowth like this unless you have a serious immune weakening health condition.

There are many programs and natural treatments for recurrent /chronic yeast infections but only a few of them are very successful.

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