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If I Use Monistat Will My Yeast Infection Come Back

Someone has emailed in asking, “If I use monistat will my yeast infection come back?”

There can be a few reasons that your yeast infection will return after a course of monistat which I will cover below.

Follow the instructions to the letter

If you decide to treat your yeast infection with monistat it’s important that you follow the instructions to the letter. Just like taking a course of antibiotics, if you don’t finish the course you won’t kill all the infection, and you also have the danger of creating a strain of Candida yeast that is resistant to your medication.

Some women will purchase monistat 7, start to feel relief after a few days, then stop their treatment. It’s important that you carry on using the treatment even when you no longer are suffering from the symptoms of your yeast infection. Your symptoms may have cleared but the yeast will still be present, and ready to repopulate your vagina.

See your doctor first

It’s important to see your doctor before you start using your monistat or any other yeast infection anti fungal so that a correct diagnosis can be performed. Another reason an infection can come back after a course of monistat is you may not have a yeast infection, and have something a lot worse.

If you have another type of vaginal infection your symptoms will clear while using the monistat but the bacteria will be living healthily inside your vagina. Your doctor is the only person that can tell you if your infection is a Candida yeast infection.

Health problem

If your yeast infection does return you should to return to your doctor to rule out any health problems that could be causing your recurrent yeast infections. Diabetes is a main health problem that can cause recurrent yeast infections, and so can the HIV/AIDS virus.

Intestinal yeast infection

Another reason your yeast infection can return after a course of an anti fungal treatment is the root cause of your yeast infection isn’t inside your vagina. The root cause is usually inside of your intestines, and it will just keep supplying your vagina with healthy yeast every time you stop your treatment.

If this is the cause of your recurrent yeast infections then you need to start an anti Candida protocol to kill the yeast in your intestines, and then repopulated your intestines with beneficial bacteria.

There is a lot of good information on the internet about curing your intestinal yeast infection naturally, and there’s a lot of misinformation. Below are the most popular sources of good information on the internet at the moment.

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