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If One Diflucan Didn’t Work Can I Take Another One

If one Diflucan doesn’t work can you take another? If you have taken a one pill treatment that was suppose to clear your yeast infection/thrush in a couple of days then you should go back and see your doctor first.

Seeing your doctor for a correct diagnosis

Some women take Diflucan after self diagnosing their infection. If the infection was wrongly diagnosed then the Diflucan wouldn’t work anyway, so a correct diagnosis from your doctor first is important before taking any oral anti fungal drugs. If you continue to take the Diflucan and you don’t have a yeast infection then you could end up causing one, and it will be a caused by a powerful strain of Candida that will be resistant to Diflucan plus the real infection will be getting worse.

If you do have another infection, and not a yeast infection then it can damage your reproductive or internal organs if it isn’t treated correctly and in time. Most vaginal infections are bacterial, and bacteria spreads very quickly.

Resistant Candida

If you’ve used Diflucan in the past then you may be infected with a yeast that is resistant to the Diflucan. A good sign that this has happened if the yeast infection has come back worse than it was. Every time you use an anti fungal treatment that the yeast is resistant to it will mutate into a stronger more aggressive strain of fungus. This is to protect itself from future treatments.

Natural yeast infection cure

If you do have a resistant yeast infecting you then you can use a natural yeast infection cure that will attack your infection from the root cause. Just killing the yeast ( what anti fungal drugs do ) isn’t always enough. If your body can’t prevent the harmlessly living Candida in your body from mutating into a fungus then you will continually get re-infected every time you stop your treatment.

You can read more about a natural cure for yeast infections here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections.

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