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If Yogurt Hasn’t Cured Your Yeast Infection

If yogurt hasn’t cured your yeast infection then there are three good reasons for that to happen. Yogurt is a natural yeast infection cure that replenishes your vagina with friendly bacteria, so there’s has to be a good reason why it hasn’t cured your infection.

Your body’s natural defenses

If your body is allowing the yeast that lives in it naturally to mutate then the yogurt won’t cure your vaginal yeast infection. In fact, nothing will cure your vaginal yeast infection if the yeast continues to mutate into a fungus. You have to treat your infection from the cause in order to eliminate the fungus from your body.

You have to strengthen your body’s natural defenses to cure your yeast infection.

The wrong type of yogurt

A lot of women use the wrong type of yogurt to cure their infection. The yogurt must be a natural live yogurt that is sugar free. If it contains any sugar then it will feed the fungus, so it could end up making the infection worse. The yogurt will tell you what it contains on the label, and it will also list the strains of bacteria if it is a live yogurt.

You don’t have a yeast infection

Another reason why yogurt hasn’t cured your yeast infection is because you don’t have a yeast infection. If you’ve self diagnosed your infection then there’s a good chance you have gotten the diagnosis wrong.

If you have diagnosed your own vaginal infection then you need to go and see your doctor as soon as possible to see what infection you have got. You could have a yeast infection, and you’re still suffering because of one of the reasons above.

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