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If You Have An Intestinal Yeast Infection And Back Pain

A women has asked for advice, saying that she has an intestinal yeast infection, and now has back pain. If you’re are suffering from back pain as well as suffering from an intestinal yeast infection please read the advice below.

Urinary tract infections

Back pain when you’re suffering from a bacterial infection, especially if it’s in the lower back is a sign that you now have a urinary tract infection. And the infection has now spread to your kidneys. This is known as Pyelonephritis or Nephritis, and one of the symptoms is lower back pain

If you was already suffering from recurrent yeast infections due to your intestinal yeast infection then you may have mistaken the symptoms of a UTI for your yeast infection.

See your doctor

As soon as you start experiencing any new symptoms you should see your doctor as soon as possible. This will give you a correct diagnosis of any other infections you may have. Once you’re already suffering from an intestinal yeast infection your body is already in a perfect condition for bacterial infections to infect you anywhere. This is another reason why you have to cure your infections from the root cause, and at the same time strengthen your immune system and internal organs.

Apart from the symptoms of your UTI the downside to having a urinary tract infection at the same time as your intestinal yeast infection is your doctor is going to prescribe antibiotics to cure your UTI. This is only going to make your intestinal yeast infection worse, as antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections.

If you want to pursue a natural approach

If you’re already curing your intestinal yeast infection naturally – which happens to be the only way you can – you might want to cure your UTI naturally as well. Linda Harrison has a system that teaches you how to cure your UTI naturally, and you’ll learn how to discover the cause as well so your UTI never returns. If you don’t you will just have to take the curse of antibiotics from your doctor, and then start your anti Candida Protocol again.

You can read more about Linda Harrison’s natural cure for UTI here.

If you’re unlucky enough to be suffering from a yeast infection and a UTI, I hope you cure yourself soon.

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