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If Your Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

A lady emailed me recently telling me her yeast infection won’t go away. So many women are in this position, 5% of women suffer from chronic yeast infections at one time in their life.

See your doctor

If you’re one of these 5% then I strongly recommend that you go and see your doctor to rule out any serious underlying causes. Once all of the physical causes have been ruled out then you’re probably in a position where your doctor can no longer help you. All they can do is prescribe more anti fungal cream or oral anti fungals. All these will do is make your yeast infections worse, and more resilient to more medication.

Your doctor can’t prescribe an anti Candida diet, or tell you to start taking probiotics and definitely won’t tell you to take any natural anti fungal supplements.

Vicious cycle

All that you will be starting is an endless vicious cycle of anti fungals that clear up your yeast infection, while you’re hoping this is the last time that you need them, but then your yeast infection returns.

The reason it returns is the cream is just masking a yeast infection that you have in your intestines. And if you’re taking a prescription, oral anti fungal this will kill the yeast in your intestines, but it will also kill all your beneficial bacteria. Once everything is dead and your yeast infection symptoms disappear you then stop the treatment. What happens next is the Candida yeast comes back with a vengeance because you have no beneficial bacteria to fight it off. Your diet which has a high chance of containing a lot of sugar then feeds the Candida so it becomes stronger. Then you start getting your yeast infection symptoms again, and then the cycle begins again.

Systemic candidiasis

While this is happening you have a high chance of the getting systemic candidiasis which will give you symptoms like lethargy, foggy brain, all your concentration will slowly disappear and you’ll probably have flu like symptoms as well.

What you can do

To stop any of this happening you can start an anti Candida protocol that so you can start getting your health back in order, and start enjoying your life again. I was there once, and got my health back, and now I’m able to help others with this blog and our Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally ebook which I never would have been able to do when I was suffering from candidiasis.

You can get better

No one needs to suffer from these chronic yeast infections or systemic candidiasis. There is a cure, and it’s much easier to cure yourself the quicker you start to do it properly.

I hope you get well soon.

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