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I’m Overwhelmed With My Yeast Infection Blog

After I cured my recurrent yeast infections I always wanted to give back what I had learnt. I always knew there were tens of thousands of other women in the world suffering the same as I was. What I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming success that I’ve been having with this blog.

The emails I receive

Receiving emails from women who’ve been suffering from recurrent yeast infections for months and sometimes years about how they have now cured themselves is unbelievable. I think though, in most instances, they are more shocked than I am as they had no idea that what they were doing to cure themselves was wrong. And in nearly all cases what they were doing was making their infections worse.

What they don’t understand is how they listened to their doctor telling them that their symptoms were in no way related to the Candida yeast. Also what they were being prescribed wasn’t helping them at all.

After they cure themselves when getting the correct information from the internet they kind of felt cheated by the medical profession.

First time yeast infection sufferers

I also receive emails from first times yeast infection sufferers who are so glad they cured their yeast infection properly the first time they had one. None of them realized that they needed a few diet and lifestyle changes, and needed to take extra care with their intestinal health. And how much their health has improved as well as them curing their yeast infection.

It’s been amazing

I’m so happy when I receive these emails, and I hope they continue for a long time to come.

Thank you.

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