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I’m Taking Antibiotics And Suffering From Chronic Yeast Infections

I hear from lots of women telling me that they’re taking antibiotics and suffering from chronic yeast infections. Some of these women are taking the antibiotics for another infection, and shockingly, some are taking the antibiotics in an attempt to cure their chronic yeast infections.

What are chronic yeast infections

A chronic yeast infection is an infection that returns immediately after your treatment stops, or one that will return within a few weeks of the last one being cured. 5% of yeast infection sufferers will have more than one yeast infection in their lifetime with a small percentage of these having to put up with the misery of chronic yeast infections.

Why you get chronic yeast infections

There are many reasons why you can suffer from chronic yeast infections. Some are because you may have an underlying health problem that will need to be diagnosed by your doctor. And the most common reason is anti fungal drugs like antibiotics or fluconazole causing a bacterial imbalance in your body.

Why antibiotics will never cure yeast infections

The bacterial imbalance that is created by a course of anti fugal drugs just leaves your body in a better condition for the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate and cause more infections. What many women don’t realize is this infection isn’t just in their vagina, but also in their intestines. This intestinal yeast infection is what is causing the chronic vaginal yeast infections.

This is the reason why many women will get another yeast infection after finishing a anti fungal cream treatment. The cream will cure the yeast infection in their vagina but it returns when the treatment stops because the intestinal yeast just repopulates the vagina with fresh Candida.

Chronic yeast infections can only be cured naturally

With so many people trusting the advice from their doctor, and you could be one of them people just don’t want to try the natural approach to curing their yeast infections. Anti fungal drugs are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and yet they’re the very thing your doctor will prescribe to cure them. Whether it’s antibiotics or fluconazole, these drugs will only make your yeast infection worse.

Some women do get lucky and manage to cure their yeast infection after a course of a fluconazole treatment, but it will effect their health in some way which may not show itself for a long time. We need our bodies to have a perfect bacterial balance for them to be in perfect health.

Without this balance your intestines will not function at their best, and your intestines are where your good health begins. If your food isn’t getting digested properly your body won’t get the nourishment it needs to be in full health.

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