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Intestinal Candida Symptoms

Intestinal Candida symptoms will vary from one yeast infection sufferer to the next. The severity on the symptoms, and how many different ones you get will depend on how much fungus you have feeding in your intestines. However, if you have any level of fungal activity in your intestines you need to remove it as soon as possible as it can start breeding at a fast rate, and in the end it can destroy your good health.

If you suspect you have an intestinal yeast infection you need to cleanse your body of the Candida fungus, and Sarah Summer is the best person to help you with that. Visit her site here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast.

Gas and bloating

Gas and bloating are the first intestinal Candida symptoms. These are caused by fungus feeding in your intestines, and causing the food you eat to ferment. You have fungal overgrowth because your beneficial bacteria is now low, and beneficial bacteria aid digestion. So now you have more fungus feeding than beneficial bacteria your food is not getting digested properly.

When the food ferments it becomes more food for fungus and other parasites and bad bacteria, so your infection becomes worse.

Other intestinal Candida symptoms

When the fungus has been feeding for a while then you’ll start suffering from other, more severe symptoms. The fungus eventually feeds on the walls of your intestines , and this causes them to become perforated, and then toxins from the Candida fungus enter your bloodstream.

Once the toxins are in your bloodstream then your whole body becomes infected as your yeast infection turns systemic. You’re not going to start itching all over, you’ll start suffering from symptoms such as aching muscles and joints as the toxins start attacking everything. You’ll start suffering from mood swings, depression and brain fog.

Lethargy sets in as your internal organs have to work harder to get rid of the toxins, so you lose energy. This can bring on sugar cravings, and then your infection gets worse because fungus loves sugar, and then a vicious cycle begins.

What you need to do

To stop your intestinal Candida symptoms you need to start treating your yeast infection from your intestines. That means you need to stop eating all the foods that feed the Candida fungus so you starve it. You also need to kill the fungus without taking any more drugs. The Candida is mutating in your intestines so the last thing you ned is a drug resistant fungus feeding there.

Restoring the bacterial balance in your intestines is important so that your body stop the Candida from mutating into more fungus. This will also strengthen your immune system as beneficial bacteria is important to having strong immunity.

The quickest way to do all of this is to get the help of a yeast infection expert. Sarah Summer has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers over the past few years, and Sarah can start helping you with her extensive knowledge in the next 20 minutes.

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