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Is A Yeast Infection Contagious

Are yeast infections contagious? Yes they are, but they are not classed as a sexually transmitted disease. Yeast infection symptoms are caused by a fungus that can easily make a home on your partners genitals. It will be a lot worse for them if you have already started treating your yeast infection with an anti fungal cream containing miconazole. This is because you will have passed on a fungus that is only been partially treated so it will mutate into a more aggressive fungus on your partner.

Treating yeast infections with anti fungal drugs and creams

When you treat a yeast infection with anti fungal drugs and creams, it’s the same as treating an infection with antibiotics. The infection must receive the full course of treatment. If you’re passing fungus on to your partner before your treatment has been successful then they are going to need to treat the fungus they have on their body.

If they don’t see any symptoms early on, and you manage to treat your infection successfully then they can pass the infection back to you as soon as your treatment stops. So then you will have the partially treated fungus back on you. Your next infection will be a lot more difficult to treat than the one you just got rid of.

Using condoms for protection

USing condoms for protection is a good idea if you really need to have sex while you have a yeast infection. What you mustn’t do is use condoms with built in spermicides as the spermicides are a cause for yeast infections. They upset the chemical balance in the vagina, and that encourages the growth if fungus.

What you should do

To prevent your yeast infection from becoming contagious you should treat it then start having sex again. It should take no longer than a week to treat so it isn’t really that long to go without sex. The fungus is eating the skin on the inside of your vagina, and this is what is causing the itching. Any friction from sexual intercourse will make this worse, and your skin could get very sore.

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