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Is It Possible For A Yeast Infection To Come Back

Is it possible for a yeast infection to come back? This is a question I have been asked in an email.

Recurrent yeast infections

For someone to ask this question can mean a couple of things…

The first thing that comes to mind is, she has treated her yeast infection, and it has returned. So she is now questioning whether she has a yeast infection or not which probably means she hasn’t been to see her doctor yet. A doctor will take a swab of the inside of your vagina, and then test the bacteria present to make sure it is a yeast infection that you have.

Some women are too embarrassed to see their doctor

Many women are too embarrassed to see their doctor, and will self diagnose themselves. If the lady that has asked this question doesn’t have a yeast infection she has just wasted time and increased the risk of having damage to her reproductive organs. A visit to the doctor is the first thing anyone should do at the first sign of any infection, even if you have suffered from one before, and think you can recognize a yeast infection from your symptoms.

This lady has candidiasis

The next most common reason her yeast infection has returned is she has a yeast infection in her intestines which is commonly known as candidiasis. This is one of the most common reasons a vaginal yeast infection will return as the treatment to the vagina has only had a band-aid effect on the infection. The real cause has not been dealt with, and the yeast infection just works its way back to your vagina through your digestive tract.

If this is the reason then an anti Candida protocol needs to be started to get rid of the Candida in the intestines, and repopulate the intestines with beneficial bacteria.

I do repeat this information often

Some of the information on this blog does get repeated often. I do this so anyone who doesn’t have the time to go through every post will catch some important information while they are here. Advising you to visit your doctor is something I repeat often because it’s worth repeating.

I also repeat often about women walking around with recurrent yeast infections needing to address the problem they have internally. Many women are walking around using monistat on a daily basis when they can be yeast free for good. It’s only when they have been having the chronic yeast infections for a while, and then they start experiencing the symptoms of candidiasis that they realize something else must be wrong with them.

This is the point where you’re doctor can no longer help you. There is no medication that a doctor can prescribe you that will cure candidiasis. It’s something you have to do on your own with an anti Candida protocol.

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Whatever you decide to do to cure your yeast infection I hope you cure yourself sooner rather than later.

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