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Is It Safe To Have Sex While On Monistat

“Is it safe to have sex while on monistat?” Your yeast infection treatment can interfere with the effectiveness of certain contraceptives, and you are only using the cream for 7 days. If you’re using this cream for more than 7 days, or are using it almost permanently then it isn’t curing your yeast infection, it’s making it worse, and it’s only alleviating your symptoms.

If you are using this cream for more than one course then you need to start treating your infections from the root cause instead of paying all that money on anti fungal cream that is only making your symptoms disappear. Sarah Summer has helped over 100,000 sufferers completely eliminate fungus from their whole body. Find out more information at Natural Yeast Cure where you’ll learn how to cure your infection for good. Your health will improve when you eliminate the fungus from your whole body and not just your vagina.

Think of your partner

If you’re using Monistat then you have a yeast infection that can be passed on to your partner. When the fungus infects your partner it will have been exposed to your treatment and this will make it more aggressive. And it could make your partners infection more difficult to treat as it could be resistant to the treatment depending on how long you’ve been treating your infection.

Using contraception

If you’re thinking of using contraception so your partner doesn’t get infection then this won’t work either. While having sex while on Monistat it will cause any kind of protective contraception to melt. The plastic that is used in these products breaks down because of the cream, and then makes them completely useless.

Can you wait a few days

You should only be using Monistat for 7 days at the most. If this cream hasn’t cured your yeast infection on the first attempt then it’s very unlikely that it will work the next time unless you use a stronger version. If it really isn’t working and you can’t wait any longer to have sex then you should start using a natural yeast cure that will not destroy any type of contraception, and it will also cure your infection from the root cause.

Read more about a natural treatment that has been used by over 100,000 sufferers at Natural Yeast Cure.

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