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Just A Post For Inspiration

It’s been a few days since I posted, and I’ve been meaning to post but I’ve been busy. Since I cured my Yeast infection and candidiasis I have so much energy mentally and physically I’ve created a few projects that I’m now working on.

Blog and ebook

I remember when I barely had enough energy to live through the day. That’s why my husband and I started this blog and created the ebook so the thousands of women who are in the same position that I was in can get a shortcut to curing their yeast infection/candidiasis naturally.

One of the worst mistakes I used to make was a strong coffee first thing in the morning that had 2 sugars in it. Now I know that was making me worse, and I couldn’t understand why I had no energy.


I’m hoping a blog post like this is inspiration to you if you’re where I was. You will get better when you start treating yourself properly. Your energy levels will get better, and then go beyond what they once was if you stick with the anti Candida protocol even after you no longer have any symptoms. I haven’t suffered any symptoms for so long now but my diet is still anti Candida, and I still take Threelac every other day.

I read so many times online about women that think they’re better and go straight back to the lifestyle they had before they discovered they were suffering from candidiasis. And 9 times out of 10 they start getting their symptoms again, and put their progress back weeks or even months.

Whatever stage your at with healing yourself I hope you get your health back as soon as possible.

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