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Monistat Coupons

If you’re treating, or are going to treat your yeast infection with monistat there are coupons you can buy on eBay that will save you a few dollars. You will usually get about 20 coupons for about $2.50 including your postage.

I personally prefer the natural approach to curing a yeast infection. I’ve been down the monistat road but there are thousands of women who use monistat just once and never get another yeast infection. This is why I’m helping you to save money if you choose to use monistat.

Not an eBay member

If you’ve never used eBay before then it’s easy to sign up, and it’s probably the safest place to purchase anything online.

You can sign up for eBay here. After you have signed up just use the search bar at eBay for monistat coupons, and you should find a lot of them.

See your doctor

Remember to see your doctor first before you start using monistat to make sure you have a yeast infection. Seeing your doctor is a good idea as well if you’re already on a another type of medication so there aren’t any interactions with your monistat.

Also go back and see your doctor if you have to use more than one course of monistat to cure your yeast infection. If you start getting recurrent yeast infections then something else is causing your yeast infections, or you don’t have a yeast infection.

What ever treatment you choose I hope this is your first and last yeast infection.

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