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Monistat Didn’t Work On My Yeast Infection

There a re a couple of reasons why Monistat didn’t work for your yeast infection. Monistat is an anti fungal cream that should only be used under the guidance of your doctor. A lot of women now purchase it without using any help then they run into problems later.

Using Monistat correctly

Monistat comes in 3 strengths, these are 1, 3, and 7 day treatments. Monistat 1 is really straight forward and won’t cause that many problems. It’s the 3 and 7 day treatments that most women start heaving a reoccurrence of their infection with.

When you’re using the 3 and 7 day treatments you must use the creams for the full course of treatment. With Monistat 7 you can eliminate your symptoms after a couple of days. This doesn’t mean you have cured your infection, it just means that he cream has cured the symptoms.

If you stop using the cream at this point the infection will return, and it will have built up some resistance to the cream. The cycle continues for a lot of women because they don’t realize that they are causing damage by not using the cream for the full course. In the end they create a drug resistant yeast infection that becomes extremely difficult to cure with conventional drugs.

Your infection is already resistant

Another reason why Monistat didn’t work is because your infection could already be resistant to the anti fungal; ingredients in the cream. You could have created a resistant fungus if you have used Monistat before.

See your doctor

It is important that you visit your doctor before you apply any anti fungal creams to a vaginal infection. Just because the drug companies got these creams off of the prescription only list doesn’t make them any safer, and they can cause infections that can last for years.

Your doctor is also the only person that can correctly diagnose your vaginal infection. If you haven’t got a yeast infection then you can easily create one with these creams, and the real infection will be going untreated, so you end up with two infections that will be difficult to treat.

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