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Mood Swings With A Yeast Infection

You can be suffering from mood swings with a yeast infection for a number of reasons. They are explained below.

systemic yeast infection

One reason is your yeast infection has gone systemic. This means that the yeast, its toxins and small food particles have got into your bloodstream, and this is now effecting your internal organs including your brain. The yeast will have been living in your intestines, and then eventually they perforate the walls of your intestines because the fungus feeds on them.

Early signs of intestinal yeast are digestive trouble like gas, bloating and indigestion.

Your blood sugar levels

Another reason for a yeast infection and mood swings is, your blood sugar levels could be up and down all the time. Blood sugar levels that jump all over the place cause yeast overgrowth and mood swings. This could be caused by a medication your taking such as the birth control pill, or you could be diabetic.

If you think any of these are the reason for your infection and mood swings it’s a good idea to see your doctor about getting your medication changed for an alternative.

Your hormones

Changing hormone levels can also cause mood swings and yeast infections. With all this going on your immune system can be weak, and this will allow the Candida Albicans yeast to mutate. Changing hormone levels can also effect your blood sugar levels. Again, the birth control pill can be a contribute to changing hormone levels.

See your doctor

Whatever reason you think you are suffering from mood swings and a yeast infection it’s a good idea to see your doctor so he/she can look for an underlying cause. You don’t want to leave something that could get worse but could be easily spotted from one doctor’s visit.

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