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My Probiotics Aren’t Working

My probiotics aren’t working is a comment frequently sent in. Almost all women use probiotics to help cure their yeast infection, especially if they have Candida overgrowth in their intestines.

Probiotics speed up the process in which your body kills of the Candida yeast, and then gets your intestinal flora back to a perfect balance. For your probiotics to do this though they have to be probiotics of the highest quality.

Stomach acid kills cheap probiotics

The first probiotics a high percentage of women will purchase first are the tablets and capsules you can pick up in your local health food store. These types of probiotics are really not that good at all. As soon as they reach your stomach your stomach acid will kill them.

You can get enteric coated pills but then you have the problem of these tablets going straight through your intestines without ever being digested. Many vitamin and mineral tablets pass through the intestines without ever being digested. Tablets are just not designed to be digested, even your food will not be digested properly if you don’t chew it thoroughly.

A good quality probiotic

If you want to help cure your yeast infection with probiotics then you need a good quality probiotic. The only probiotics I would recommend to you are Threelac and Fivelac. Threelac and Fivelac are powdered probiotics, and each grain of powder is micro encapsulated so it survives its journey pass your stomach acid and your other digestive juices. This allows the beneficial bacteria ( that your body needs ) to get to the parts of your intestines where the are needed the most. This is where they will kill the Candida yeast, and feed on other microorganisms that your body doesn’t need.

The strains of bacteria in these two products are also very hardy, and they survive for much longer periods of time than the strains of bacteria that you get in a live yogurt.

Candida die off

Threelac and Fivelac are so good that they are the only probiotics I know of that will give you symptoms of Candida die off. These are the symptoms that you can get that make you think your yeast infection is getting worse. The symptoms are very similar to those of your yeast infection, and are caused by the toxins from the dead Candida passing through your bowel.

Are your probiotics not working?

If you find your probiotics are not working then it’s probably a good idea to give another brand a try. Manufacturers of health products are making millions of dollars every year from selling inferior products.

You can get Threelac and Fivelac at a discount here. All you need to do is purchase a one year membership for $14.95 and you can your probiotics and many other health supplements at wholesale prices.

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