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My Yeast Infection Following A Course Of Antibiotics Is Still There

My yeast infection following a course of antibiotics is still there. This is something I here very often from people all over the world. No one is ever educated before hand on what antibiotics can do to their body, and the difficulty they can have curing themselves afterwards.

Why does this happen

Antibiotics are usually prescribed to people after operations or for a bacterial infection such as a urinary tract infection or strep throat. The antibiotics do a good job in curing these infections providing the patient isn’t already immune to them.

What the antibiotics also do to your body is kill all the friendly bacteria your body needs to fight of other unfriendly bacteria and fungus like the Candida yeast. When you finish your course of antibiotics the Candida yeast will repopulate your digestive tract much faster than your friendly bacteria. This is due to our modern diet that is high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

The Candida yeast is usually harmless but when it’s not kept under control by your ( now missing ) friendly bacteria the yeast mutates into a more aggressive form. The Candida grows rhizoids ( hooks ), and then it can attach itself to any surface of your body, and then you start experiencing your symptoms.


After a course of antibiotics this happens in your intestines, and is the reason why you can’t cure your vaginal yeast infection. As soon as you cure your yeast infection, and then stop your treatment, the Candida yeast living in your intestines will continually repopulate your vagina.

Resistant Candida

One of the problems with this is the Candida becomes resistant to the treatment your using, and you then need to use a much stronger treatment. Thousands of yeast infection sufferers get themselves into this cycle every month, and just continue to make the Candida yeast living in their body much more aggressive, and harder to clear.

A natural cure is needed

The only way to cure a yeast infection that has infected your intestines is naturally. No drug can do the job now, as it was the drugs in the first place that caused the yeast infection. More drugs will only make your infection worse.

Natural yeast infection cures kill the Candida, repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria, cleanse your toxic blood and heal your intestines. This is the only way to get your health back to how it once was.

Two excellent natural yeast infection cure systems are…

Both of these systems have helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers cure themselves naturally, and both are 100% safe and side effect free.

I hope you cure yourself soon.

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