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My Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back

My yeast infection keeps coming back. This is something I hear almost everyday. And this is something that more and more women are suffering with all the time.

The reasons why this can happen

There are a couple of good and popular reasons why women are suffering from recurrent yeast infections. The most popular reason is the treatment be applied to the vaginal yeast infection is only curing the symptoms on the outside of your body.

Everything seems to be going fine during your treatment, and you’re praying that this is the time it doesn’t come back. I know how you feel I’ve been there. The cause of your yeast infection is however not being treated. If you don’t find the real cause of your yeast infection you will never cure yourself.

Intestinal yeast infection

The biggest cause of recurrent yeast infections is an intestinal yeast infection. If the yeast in your intestines isn’t killed along with the yeast in your vagina then the yeast just works its way back to your vagina through your digestive and urinary tracts.

An anti Candida protocol needs to be started so all the yeast is killed at the same time.

The yeast could be resistant

Another reason a yeast infection will keep coming back is it has built up a resistance to the medication you’re using. This can happen when you have an intestinal yeast infection, or if your yeast infection is being caused by a health issue or illness.

It’s best to see your doctor if you haven’t already if you’re suffering from chronic yeast infections. Your doctor can rule out any health problems or illnesses that could be the underlying cause of your yeast infections.

Your doctor unfortunately can’t help you if you’re suffering from an internal yeast infection. All your doctor can do is prescribe you more anti fungal drugs which will make your intestinal yeast infection worse.

Anti candida protocol

If you are suffering from recurrent/chronic yeast infections then the Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally ebook will help you cure yourself.

Whatever you decide to do I hope you cure yourself as soon as possible.

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