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My Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away – What Can I Do?

If you’re always saying “My yeast infection won’t go away, what can I do?” then you’ve just joined the 5% of yeast infection sufferers that have a chronic condition that is going to take more than a OTC anti fungal cream to cure. Recurrent vaginal yeast infections have a root cause that needs to be discovered in order for you to successfully cure yourself so you can get on with an itch free life.

Your OTC anti fungal cream

You’ve probably at this point been trying numerous times to cure yourself with the same treatment in the hope that the next time you use it your symptoms will disappear for good. What has been happening is the complete opposite. You are in fact making your yeast infection worse because every time you use the cream or suppository you’re making the yeast in your vagina stronger.

Resistant yeast

When you keep exposing the yeast in your vagina to the same treatment they become resistant to it, and they do this by mutating into a more aggressive fungus. This is a built in defense mechanism that all fungus and bacteria have so they can fight off anything that is used to kill them. This is why we have super bugs in hospitals, because the bacteria have been exposed to so many different types of antibiotics. Now the bacteria are immune to around 99% of antibiotics, and they are now super bugs that can only be killed by one or two types of antibiotics.

This resistance has now happened in your vagina so instead of killing the yeast, every time you apply the cream or insert a suppository you make the yeast stronger. Any conventional medicine or drug is now useless in curing your yeast infection.

Intestinal yeast

If you’ve resorted to oral anti fungal drugs, and you still haven’t cured your yeast infection then there’s a good chance you now have yeast infecting your intestines. First signs of this are bloating and digestion problems. You may be more lethargic than you used to be, and suffering from more illnesses and generally not feeling yourself. There are lots of symptoms associated with intestinal yeast, and your doctor won’t blame any of them on your condition.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about curing your vaginal yeast infection naturally without the use of any more drugs and medicines ( becaus ethey no longer work ) you’ll need expert help. You can get this help from a yeast infection specialist, and her name is Sarah Summer. Sarah Summer once suffered from chronic yeast infections that her doctor couldn’t cure so she researched all the information she could about the Candida fungus that was causing all of her health problems.

Sarah learnt how…

  • The yeast lives
  • What it feeds on
  • How you can starve it and kill it
  • How you can repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria
  • How you can cure all of your symptoms
  • How to get your good health back

Once you have the knowledge to do all of these things you’ll be able to do, what at the moment, feels impossible, and that’s cure your infection.

Sarah Summers natural yeast infection cure

You can read more information, and read what other chronic yeast infection sufferers have said about Sarah Summer’s program here – Sarah Summer’s Natural Yeast Infection Cure.

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