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My Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away With Oral Medication

My yeast infection won’t go away with oral medication. This is what someone has sent to me, and asked for my advice. once your doctor prescribes you oral medication for your yeast infection, and then it doesn’t work there isn’t anything else they can do for you.

For a high percentage of men and women this is hard to believe, and they will continue to go back and get another prescription or purchase an anti fungal drug on the internet.

How oral anti fungals work

Oral anti fungals work in the same way as antibiotics. They kill all the bacteria and fungus in your body, and this includes the friendly bacteria that you have there to protect you from the mutating Candida yeast.

This type of cure works great while your taking it, but as soon as you stop the treatment the infection returns because there is nothing left in your body to fight the repopulating yeast off. While you have the infection continually returning after you stop the medication it is becoming resistant to your treatment. It mutates into a stronger fungus, and this makes it more difficult to kill with the next anti fungal drug you put in your body.

If you’re now in this position

If you’re now in the position where you have been prescribed oral anti fungals for your yeast infection, and they’re not working there’s only one way you can cure yourself. You can now only cure yourself naturally because it’s the anti fungal drugs and creams that have put you in the place where you are, and created the super fungus you know have infecting you.

Tens of thousands of men and women have been in the same place but they have successfully gotten themselves out of it. They started attacking their yeast infection from the cause which is something no drug or over the counter medication can do.

What the yeast is doing to your body

While the yeast is mutating it is feeding off of your body and causing cell damage. This cell damage is what causes your symptoms. In your vagina you get itching, burning and discharge. If the yeast is attacking the cells in your intestines you could now be suffering from lethargy, aching muscles and joints, chronic yeast infections and a lot of other unrelated symptoms.

What can help you now

You have two successful options that you can use to help rid your body of the mutating Candida yeast. I have a blog post on an FDA approved herbal yeast infection cure here. If you want to use an anti Candida program you can read a review of Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections here.

Although oral anti fungals sound like the most powerful thing you can combat a yeast infection with, they’re not. They can, in fact, make your yeast infection worse.

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