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My Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

If you’re saying “My yeast infection won’t go away“. then you’re not alone. You’ll be joining 5% of women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections that are an extreme problem to get rid of. What these women don’t realize that a yeast infection is more than just a vaginal infection that needs cream or a suppository to get rid of.

Finding the cause of your vaginal yeast infection

You have probably been lead to believe that your infection just needs a cream to cure it, and if that doesn’t work then you need another prescription that is stronger. This then leads to another prescription, and in the end all you’re doing is creating a super yeast that is resistant to any conventional drug or medicine.

The reason the yeast is not being killed off is that there is an underlying cause to your vaginal infection that needs to be dealt with first. This could be a health problem or could be because of any medication you’re taking or have taken in the past.

Once you have discovered the cause you can then start treating your infection properly, and you won’t have to hope that the next prescription you get will be the last.

Curing your yeast infection naturally

When drugs and anti fungal medicines fail to cure your yeast infection then the only choice you have is a natural cure. Drugs and medicines just create resistant yeast, and they also upset your body’s natural bacterial and chemical balance. All this makes you Candida infection worse, and makes your whole body a breeding ground for the mutated Candida yeast which is now a fungus.

Naturally treating your infection does the opposite to what drugs and medicines do. Instead of just killing the yeast in the hope that it won’t re-infect you, a natural cure will…

  • Starve the the yeast so it’s unable to cause any more problems
  • Kill the yeast with natural anti fungals
  • Repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria to fight the fungus
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Restore your body’s natural chemical balance

Once you have done all of these your body naturally fights of the yeast so it can no longer survive in your body.

Why you need to do all of this

Your body has become the perfect host for the mutated fungus, and this is the reason it can easily survive in your body. Your bacterial and chemical balance has been shifted in teh favor of the mutated Candida fungus. Everyone has the harmless form of Candida in their body, but it’s only when your body allows it to mutate that it becomes a problem. You’re going to end this problem.

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