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Taken Antibiotics And Still Have A Yeast Infection

If you’ve taken antibiotics and still have a yeast infection there’s a very good reason for that. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, but for some reason this still doesn’t stop women from purchasing them online to cure their fungal infection. And in some unexplainable cases, it doesn’t stop doctor’s prescribing them for […]

Diflucan Double Or Triple Dose

If you’re thinking of using a Diflucan double or triple dose then you need to think about what you’re actually doing. If a single dose of Flucoanzole hasn’t cured your infection. then doubling or trebling your dose is not going to make any difference. The reason why this anti fungal drug hasn’t cured your infection […]

Taking Fluconazole Once A Month

If you’re taking Fluconazole every month ( brand name Diflucan ) then you’ve probably come across misinformation on the internet on what you should do if you suffer from a yeast infection every time you have your period. Or what you should be doing every time you take a course of antibiotics. If you do […]

If Your Yeast Infection Keeps Coming Back Then Cure It Differently

If your yeast infection keeps coming back then you’re in the 5% of women that suffer from persistent yeast infections. What you mustn’t do is think that you have to suffer from the reoccurrance of these infections any longer than you need to, as a cure is just around the corner. At the moment you’ve […]

Alternative To Diflucan and Fluconazole

If you’re looking for an alternative to Diflucan then you’re joining the thousands of women who every year are discovering that Fluconazole ( the active ingredient in Diflucan ) doesn’t cure their yeast infection. The reason it no longer works is because the fungus in your body has become resistant to the Fluconazole, and now […]

Ridding Your Body Of Yeast

Ridding your body of yeast is something that thousands of chronic yeast infection sufferers need to do. This however is not an easy task especially if the yeast has become deep rooted into the walls of your intestines. What you need to do The first thing you must learn to do is starve the Candida […]

Curing Fungus In The Intestines

Curing fungus in the intestines is usually something that takes a lot of sufferers years to achieve. The main reasons why they take so long in treating their infection is they continue taking drugs that don’t help, and they don’t make the lifestyle changes necessary to stop the fungus breeding in their body. If you […]

Download Your Yeast Infection Report Here

To help you get to what will cure your yeast infection naturally, I’ve created a 27 page Candida yeast report that you can download and save to your pc. What this yeast infection report covers Inside the report I give an overview on the Candida yeast and how it causes the symptoms that you’re suffering […]

What Does Fluconazole Do

What does Fluconazole do? Fluconazole is an anti fungal drug that is used to treat yeast infections. What it does exactly is, it kills fungus. It is the anti fungal ingredient that is used in the oral drug, Diflucan, and this is probably what you would get prescribed by your doctor if the Miconazole cream […]

Using Monistat When You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Using Monistat when you don’t have a yeast infection? If you are then you’re joining the small percentage of women who think that using anti fungal drugs in their vagina is healthy. It’s easy to purchase Monistat now, but this powerful anti fungal cream should never be used without the guidance of a doctor or […]