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Untreated Yeast Infections – Are They Safe

Untreated yeast infections are extremely rare, and that’s because of the discomfort you suffer from the symptoms of the mutated fungus eating the skin cells on the inside of your vagina. But even with the painful symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection some sufferers will still try and see if their infection will clear on […]

Is It Possible For A Yeast Infection To Come Back

Is it possible for a yeast infection to come back? This is a question I have been asked in an email. Recurrent yeast infections For someone to ask this question can mean a couple of things… The first thing that comes to mind is, she has treated her yeast infection, and it has returned. So […]

How To Get Yeast Out Of Your Body

Knowing how to get yeast out of your body is something thousands of women and men worldwide want to know, and is also something thousands more should know. These are the people who don’t know yet that they have mutated Candida yeast living in their intestines. Find the cause first The first step in removing […]

Yeast Infection Symptoms Getting Worse After Starting Treatment

A lady emailed me saying her yeast infection symptoms are getting worse after starting her treatment. This is what is commonly known as yeast die off. The severity of the yeast infection When the Candida is being killed off with a natural anti fungal treatment the dead Candida start releasing toxins into your bloodstream. This […]

No Energy, Stomach Problems And A Yeast Infection

A women has said that she has no energy, stomach problems and a yeast infection. She has also asked, are these symptoms in any way connected with each other? Intestinal yeast infection Going on what this women has told me, and she has been to the doctors to confirm that she definitely has a yeast […]

Natural Yeast Infection Treatments

Natural yeast infection treatments are so successful at curing fungal overgrowth that they are now getting used by more women all the time. If you’ve used over the counter creams or oral anti fungal drugs then you now know that these treatments don’t actually cure a yeast infection, they just treat the symptoms. All they […]

Frequent Yeast Infections

Frequent yeast infections are a problem in women who don’t fully understand why they are suffering from fungal overgrowth. If you’re continually using anti fungal creams, or worse, using anti fungal oral pills, and you’re suffering from chronic vaginal yeast infections you must now realize that what you’re doing is never going to cure your […]

Is It Safe To Take Diflucan If You’re Not Sure If You Have A Yeast Infection

Is it safe to take Diflucan if you’re not sure you have a yeast infection? In a word, no. You cannot start using any anti fungal drugs on yourself if you’re not sure what infection you have. What you must do is go and see your doctor for a correct diagnosis before you use any […]

Recurrent Yeast Infections In Women

Recurrent yeast infections in women are rising every year because of the way we all treat ourselves now. As people we are using more prescription drugs such as antibiotics ( not our own fault ), and more of us eat a diet now that is higher in sugar than they were years ago. Chronic yeast […]

Severe Yeast Infection – Cure It From The Source

A severe yeast infection is a problem for a lot of women. Usually a chronic yeast infection is caused by using too much medication to the point that the fungus is resistant, and is continually mutating every time the cream or drug is used. Fungus can easily adapt to it’s environment, and that means it […]