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Preventing A Yeast Infection With Fluconazole

Preventing a yeast infection with Fluconazole ( brand name Diflucan ) is not in any way preventing a yeast infection. This anti fungal drug is used to kill fungus, it does not in any way prevent the fungus from growing in your body in the first place. If anyone has told you that this is how you prevent a yeast infection then you have been misinformed. All you’re doing is killing the fungus as soon as the yeast has mutated. The only way you can prevent a yeast infection is to stop the yeast mutating in the first place.

Drug companies

Drug companies will have you purchasing their drugs for years and tell you that if you stay on Fluconazole for years that you are preventing a yeast infection. While you may not suffer from any symptoms while you eat these pills like they’re going out of fashion, you will not be preventing anything. All you are doing is eliminating the symptoms of an infection that needs to be treated from the root cause.

The only time you need to use an anti fungal drug to prevent yeast infections is if you’re suffering from a severe illness that is destroying your immune system such as AIDS. If you’re usually healthy then you shouldn’t need to use anything to prevent them as your body should be doing a good enough job on its own.

Your body’s natural flora

Your body has a natural bacterial balance, but in your case, you use to have a bacterial balance. The bacterial balance in your body has been disrupted, and that is why you now have to think of doing things like taking Fluconazole to prevent your next yeast infection.

If you want to prevent a fungal infection then you have to get your bacterial balance back. That is the only way to stop the yeast in your body from mutating into fungus. You can’t stop the yeast entering your body because it does it every day. All you can do is prevent it from mutating.

Drug resistant fungus

If you’ve been using anti fungal drugs, and your infection keeps coming back then the fungus in your body is slowly getting drug resistant. You cannot keep on exposing the fungus in your body to the same drugs without it building up resistance. So the very thing that you’re taking to cure/prevent your infections is now making them worse.

What you need to do to prevent yeast infections

The only thing you can do to prevent a yeast infection is get your internal balance back to the way it was. You must eliminate the fungus and yeast from your body, and at the same time, re-establish your body’s natural defenses. Once you have done this then you won’t have to take anything to prevent a yeast infection because your body will be doing it on it’s own.

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