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Preventing Yeast Infections

Preventing yeast infections are a priority for some women as 5% of women suffer from chronic Candida overgrowth, and this overgrowth can seriously damage your good health. What a good number of women don’t understand is, the fact that their body is entirely capable of preventing fungal infections itself if you keep your natural defenses up to full strength which means there’s no need to keep taking anti fungal drugs or using creams. These only upset the chemical balance in your body and vagina if they are used too much.

Candida infections are the outcome of your body not being capable of looking after itself. Drug makers lead you to think that killing the yeast is the only way to cure yeast overgrowth. This is a long way from what really is needed. You can eradicate the yeast as often as you want to, but if your body allows the Candida yeast to transform into more fungus, then using cream on your infection multiple times still won’t treat you.

We all have the Candida yeast in us

All humans have the Candida Albicans yeast alive in their body. There is nothing we can do regarding that, it gets consumed with our meals every day. What stops healthy people from getting a fungal infection is their natural defenses. These are your beneficial bacteria and your immune system. When these are well they prevent the Candida from mutating by keeping it controlled.

Underlying health problem

Fungal overgrowth can also be a indication that you have an underlying health condition that you either don’t know about, or it is not being treated properly. Diabetes is the most widespread health condition that can cause fungal infections since it weakens immunity, and plays havoc with blood sugar levels. If you’re suffering from Diabetes then you ought to chat to your doctor about a alternative means of controlling it.

Avoid sugar at all costs

Consuming a diet that is low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, and high in nutrition will aid your body’s natural defenses. When you consume a healthy variety of food your immune system is handed a boost from the minerals and vitamins in the food. Fungus enjoys eating sugar, and the more you eat, the more the Candida can eat, and this makes it stronger, and then it increases in numbers.

Yeast infections can become easy to control

As soon as you know the reason for your infections, preventing yeast infections becomes straightforward. Once you discontinue doing the things that are encouraging the growth of Candida in your body you’ll in no way have to to suffer any more.

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