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Recurrent Yeast Infections In Women

Recurrent yeast infections in women are rising every year because of the way we all treat ourselves now. As people we are using more prescription drugs such as antibiotics ( not our own fault ), and more of us eat a diet now that is higher in sugar than they were years ago. Chronic yeast infections are also on the increase because of the easy availability of over the counter anti fungal creams and drugs that are getting used for too often, and are contributing to creating stronger strains of fungus.

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These OTC treatments don’t treat yeast infections from the root cause either. They just kill the fungus and leave the cause untouched. To treat the cause you must cleanse your body of fungus, and strengthen your natural defenses so the Candida yeast can no longer mutate in your body, and cause the reoccurrence of your infections.

Candida in your body and your chronic yeast infections

The reason your yeast infection keeps coming back is the fact that when you kill the fungus in your body with an OTC cream or oral drug you’re not stopping the Candid from mutating into more fungus when you stop your treatment. We all have Candida in us, and it’s been in your body since a very early age. Your body has natural defenses that have been keeping the Candida under control, but they have now been compromised, and you must restore them to stop your recurrent yeast infections.

Getting expert help

Recurrent yeast infections in women are quite difficult to cure because the exposure the fungus has had to the anti fungal drugs has caused a drug resistant yeast infection. So now you need to start treating your infection differently. You need to treat your yeast infection from the root cause, cleanse your body of fungus and strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

Doing all these things will cure your reoccuring yeast infections, and also prevent any infections in the future as your body will be able to naturally protect itself like it has done for all the years leading up to your infections.

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