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Rotate Your Anti Fungals

Rotating your anti fungals is an important part of your anti Candida protocol. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a natural or prescription based product the Candida will become resistant to anything.

Natural anti fungals

Many women believe that their natural anti fungals they’re using will not become useless in the fight against the Candida yeast. If one product is used for too long the Candida will adapt, and then you will no longer be able to use the product any more. When Candida mutates into its fungal form is becomes a lot stronger, and this is why probiotics alone won’t cure candidiasis.

Change every month

To be safe from creating a super yeast that becomes resistant to your anti fungal treatment you need to use a new one every month. You also need to be using at least three in this rotation.

I for one, learnt the hard way when I started suffering from recurrent yeast infections. At the time I was using treatments the doctor was prescribing. You think these must be the treatments that work otherwise a doctor would not be telling you to use them. How wrong I was.

In the end I had no choice but to look for a natural cure as everything I was taking was just making my candidiasis worse. With the new protocol I started my health eventually got back to normal. The anti fungal rotation along with the anti Candida diet made a complete difference. The Candida that was once resistant was being killed off by the anti fungals, and the starvation from my new diet.

Rotate even if you think your anti fungal is the best

Even though the anti fungal you’re using at the moment is doing a great job of killing the Candida it’s important to change to another one after a month so it can continue to be as effective the next time you start using it.
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