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Running With A Yeast Infection

I was contacted a short while ago by someone asking if it was ok if she could do her running with her yeast infection.

Exercise during a yeast infection

Exercise is an excellent addition to your anti Candida protocol. It stimulates all your internal organs, and is an excellent detoxifier.

If you’re suffering from a yeast infection of your intestines/bowel then you might want to take the exercise a bit easy at first. Candidiasis drains your energy, and makes your muscles weaker, so don’t over do it at first.

Use your exercise as a guide

Using your exercise as a guide can help determine if you’re curing your candidiasis. You will feel yourself getting stronger, and your exercise program will start becoming easier. Your energy levels will rise, and these are good signs you’re getting rid of the Candida yeast in your intestines. I know every exercise program makes you fitter and stronger, but you will notice it more when you’re curing candidiasis. The mental clarity is a sign as well.

I like cycling as my form of exercise, and when I was suffering from candidiasis it was practically impossible at first. Then when I started my anti Candida protocol I was able to start again, and it got easier, and I was riding further as I cured myself.

Vaginal yeast infection

If you’re just suffering from a vaginal yeast infection then remember to wash with a fragrance free soap, and change into clean cotton underwear after your exercising. If you exercise at work in a gym there then take clean underwear with you. It’s forgetting the little things that can make your yeast infection worse. Sitting down for the rest of the day in underwear you’ve exercised in, will allow the Candida to thrive.

Exercise if fun

Exercise is fun as well as good for you, and sometimes you need some fun when you’ve been feeling down with the symptoms of a yeast infection. If you start feeling really fit you can start to participate in a sport with other people, and then you can become competitive again.

Get well soon.

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