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Start The New Year With A Colon Cleanse

I’ll start this blog post by saying “Happy New Year” to you, and would like to say that now the new year is here I’m going to treat myself to a bowel/colon cleanse.

Candida love a slow moving bowel

When I was suffering from chronic yeast infections I learnt that the mutated Candida yeast loves a slow moving and clogged up bowel and colon. The toxic wastes that build up in a colon that is slow, and has impacted waste materials stuck to the walls are food for the Candida and hundreds of other parasites and micro-organisms that shouldn’t be there.


Parasites live in the intestines of an estimated 1 in 6 humans have parasites in their intestines. With parasites living in your intestines they make the Candida’s job easier of overpowering your friendly bacteria, and parasites can cause similar symptoms if the overgrowth is too high.

What you need from a good colon cleanser

Once I discovered that a colon cleanse was something that would help me get my health back it was time for yet more research. Most colon cleanses that you buy from your local health food store are just psyllium husks with a couple of more ingredients that get the bowels moving more regularly. They sometime put in some weak friendly bacteria to make the product look better. These are OK for maintenance programs but they don’t do all the things you need for a successful colon cleanse. You need your cleanse to be able to…

  • Detoxify your colon and bowel
  • Kill all parasites
  • Clear out impacted waste material
  • Tone and strengthen your bowel
  • Encourage better peristaltic action of your intestinal walls
  • Relieve constipation
  • Help you absorb more nutrients from your food
  • Improve your all-round health

Bowtrol colon cleanse

One colon cleansing product that I found did all of the above was Bowtrol Colon Cleanser. What allowed me to easily try this product as well was it comes with a 180 day money back guarantee, and I know that this month they are selling 4 months worth for the price of 6 so the offer is fully guaranteed. You won’t need to cleanse your colon for 6 months if you have done it before, but for first time cleanses that need to clear years of toxins, parasites and waste build up 6 months is highly recommended.

Now my colon has been cleansed I do a 1 month cleanse every 6 months. Sticking to a healthy anti Candida diet between cleanses reduces the build up of toxins and waste. This mostly comes about from eating a diet high in food that is high in bad fats and sugar.

I order my Bowtrol colon cleansing treatment from here – Bowtrol Colon Cleanse.

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