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Stronger Anti Fungal Than Fluconazole

If you want a stronger anti fungal than Fluconazole ( brand name Diflucan ) then you’ve been treating your yeast infection incorrectly. If you’ve already been using anti fungal drugs such as Fluconazole to kill the fungus in your body then you’ve already killed it multiple times. Using something stronger is just going to give you the same results. You’ll kill the fungus again, and then your infection will come back.

Why you infection keeps coming back

The reason your infection keeps coming back, and the anti fungal drugs you’ve ben using don’t seem strong enough is because they only treat the symptoms. These drugs do not treat the cause of yeast infections. You can’t keep on killing the fungus if the yeast in your body is continually mutating into more fungus every time you finish your course of treatment. All you’re going to do is create a drug resistant infection that will just keep on getting worse.

If you want to stop your yeast infections coming back, and start treating them from the root cause then visit Natural Yeast Cure where you’ll learn how to completely eliminate fungus from your whole body. Sarah Summer will teach you how to strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that the yeast in your body can no longer mutate into fungus. So you won’t need to look for expensive anti fungal drugs that are stronger then Fluconazole, and will just make your yeast infection worse.

Yeast in your body

You have a naturally occurring Candida yeast that lives in your body all the time. We all have it in our body, and it also enters it every day. At the moment the yeast in your body is mutating into fungus because your body can no longer keep the yeast under control. It’s lost the ability to do it because for some reason, and you need to find out why.

The most common reason is the use of antibiotics. These powerful anti bacterial drugs weaken your immune system and kill off beneficial bacteria. Once this happens the yeast in your body multiplies, and then it can mutate into fungus once it gets too much freedom.

This is why all the anti fungal drugs you’ve taken haven’t worked and you’re now looking for something stronger than Fluconazole. When you first used Fluconazole it did exactly what it was suppose to do, and it probably still does, and that is kill the fungus. But your body needs more than just something killing the fungus. All your going to do is make drug companies more money while you keep on alleviating the symptoms of your infection instead of curing it for good.

Getting expert help

There are more effective ways to treat persistent yeast infections like what you’re suffering from, and you can do it with expert help. Sarah Summer can show you how to cleanse your body of yeast and fungus, and get your natural defenses up to full strength. You have fungus in your whole body now, and the longer you leave it breeding in there the more your good health is going to suffer.

Sarah can be helping you within the next 20 minutes, and then you can start turning your health around. Visit Sarah’s site at Natural Yeast Cure.

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