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Systemic Candida Infection

A Systemic Candida infection is a yeast infection that has entered your bloodstream. This is what happens when the Candida yeast has mutated and gotten its rhizoids ( hooks ) into the walls of your intestines, and then perforated your intestines.

Toxins and small food particles

Once your intestines have been perforated this allows toxins from the mutated Candida yeast to infect your bloodstream, and in doing so, then infects your internal organs. The main organs that seem to take the most punishment are your liver and brain.

Small food particles can also enter your bloodstream, and this is what causes food allergies in some people. These food particles will also disrupt the normal functions of your internal organs as your blood is not suppose to have food traveling through it.

Your symptoms

With all the extra work your liver has to do it is no wonder that you will start to feel lethargic when you have a systemic Candida infection. The Candida yeast produces over 70 toxins that will all have to be eliminated from your body by your liver.

The toxins in your blood that enter your brain is what causes the foggy brain when you have systemic candidiasis. These toxins also attack your joints and muscles.

A doctors diagnosis

A doctor will never put the cause of any of these symptoms down to the Candida yeast. Most people who suffer from a foggy brain will be told the symptoms are related to their mental health.

Anti Candida protocol

Anyone suffering from a systemic Candida infection will have to start an anti Candida protocol to cure themselves. This is an infection that can’t be cured by anything a doctor can prescribe you.

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