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Systemic Yeast Infections And Weight Gain

Systemic yeast infections and weight gain go together quite often. The reason for this is sugar, and the cravings for this sweet food.

Sugar cravings

Sugar is the Candida yeasts favorite food, and when you’re suffering from a systemic yeast infection your sugar cravings can be at an all time high. Not everyone who suffers from a systemic yeast infection realizes that they should be avoiding sugar. And not everyone who is suffering from a systemic yeast infection realizes they nave a systemic yeast infection. If you think you’re suffering from a systemic yeast infection then sugar is the first food that should be eliminated from your diet.

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When someone starts suffering from the yeast infection symptom of lethargy they automatically try the sugar fix for more energy. This is in fact making the yeast infection more severe. The Candida yeast loves sugar, and the fungus will multiply and an increased rate when your diet is high anything that contains sugar or refined carbohydrates.

How do you feel?

If you’re putting on weight and suffering from many of the symptoms associated with yeast infections then maybe you have Candida overgrowth in your intestines, and/or your blood.

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